Monday, August 27, 2012

The Gym vs. The Box

Yesterday I went to a training/meet-up for one of my upcoming races - Civilian Military Combine.  The founder, Sean Rogers, went through the short history of the CMC and other like adventure races that started with Tough Mudders inception merely 28 1/2 months ago.  There's something to training together for a race that really gets you fired up.  It felt like nothing else I'd experienced in the 25 years of playing sports growing up.  It's one thing to help out other people achieve success, but it's almost weird to have everybody helping each other out as direct competitors.

This bring me to my point of writing today. "The Gym vs. The Box"

I've been working at different gym since 2004 and exclusively Equinox since 2008.  I have seen and experienced few moments where members truly interact with one another.  Being a personal trainer I work one-on-one to develop skills, functional movement patterns and rehabilitate injuries for my clients.  As a group fitness instructor I try day in and day out to get people to interact with myself and the class, but it happens sparingly.

The few times I have gone to a CrossFit studio (Box) I have always felt warm and welcomed.  A few things I've noticed every time I walked into a Box is:
1. Everybody wants to be there to either learn some skill/technique or crush their workout of the day (WOD)
2. Nobody is walking around with 3 broken arms and 12 months pregnant.  (People know what they can or cannot do)
3. People are interacting with one another and not because they are told to!

I guess my takeaway from this is, "Can I bring some of this mentality to The Gym?"

Let's see...

P.S. Thanks everyone who was their yesterday leaving it their on the Pit floor

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